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Ren Xianliang meets with Qualcomm SVP Ye Xiaowei

On July 14, Ren Xianliang, Secretary-General of the World Internet Conference (WIC), met with Ye Xiaowei, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm, in Beijing. Ren welcomed Qualcomm’s visit and thanked Qualcomm for its contributions as a Senior Member to the development of the WIC. Ren said that the WIC is committed to building a global Internet platform for extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, creating more opportunities for communication and cooperation among its members, and providing its members with more diverse and targeted services. Ye said that Qualcomm is willing to leverage its advantages to enhance communication and cooperation with the WIC in fulfilling social responsibilities, organizing thematic activities, and developing Internet talent.

Ren Xianliang visits the Fuxi Institution

On July 28, Secretary-General Ren Xianliang visited the Beijing headquarters of the Fuxi Institution and listened to the introduction of Xiaodong Lee, founder of the Fuxi Institution. Ren Xianliang acknowledged the achievements of the Fuxi Institution in promoting digital economic development and digital transformation. He said that as a member of the WIC, the Fuxi Institution has consistently supported the WIC’s work. He expressed hopes that it would utilize its expert resources and further leverage its research platform role; combine research with practical applications and facilitate the transfer and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements; utilize its advantages in international exchanges to enhance collaboration with the WIC in areas such as subject studies, talent training, and youth development. Xiaodong Lee said that the Fuxi Institution would make full use of its advantages as a think tank to support the development of the WIC.

President of the IPv6 Forum visits the WIC

On July 7, Liang Hao, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the WIC, met with Latif Ladid, President of the IPv6 Forum. Liang said that the WIC welcomed the recommendation of global partners by the IPv6 Forum and their participation in flagship events such as the 2023 World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements, and the 2023 Practice Cases of Jointly Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace. He expressed hopes that the IPv6 Forum could introduce and recommend more members and experts to participate in events organized by the WIC. Latif expressed his willingness to introduce more European organizations and experts to China for visits, communication and cooperation. He said that the Ipv6 Forum was willing to support the WIC to hold regional and thematic international conferences, especially in European countries, so as to promote exchanges and cooperation in the Internet and IPv6 industry.

WIC visits Hangzhou and Shanghai for field research on cross-border e-commerce

From July 11 to 14, the WIC visited Hangzhou and Shanghai to conduct field research on cross-border e-commerce business development, rule-making and implementation, and best practices on trade facilitation. The research team consisted of experts and scholars from the WIC, Beijing Normal University, APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), and Zhejiang Gongshang University. They conducted field research in China (Hangzhou) Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Shanghai Business Development Research Center, the eWTP (electronic World Trade Platform), Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group, Pinduoduo, Ant Financial, Cainiao, Zhejiang TopSun Holding Group and other organizations.

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