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Secretary-General Ren Xianliang meets with Zhang Caifang, Director of the Cyberspace Administration of Zhejiang Province

On April 18, Secretary-General Ren Xianliang met with Zhang Caifang, Director of the Cyberspace Administration of Zhejiang Province and they had an in-depth exchange on the hosting of the 2023 World Internet Conference (WIC) Wuzhen Summit. Ren Xianliang pointed out that, with the strong support of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government over the years, the WIC Wuzhen Summit had grown into a key platform for promoting extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits in Internet and advancing the exchanges and cooperation in digital economy. “The 10th year is a critical juncture of great commemorative significance to the WIC as an international organization,” Ren said. The WIC would work with Zhejiang to mobilize resources from different communities to advance the preparation and organize a more productive and distinctive international event. Zhang Caifang said that as this is the 10th year of WIC Wuzhen Summit, the provincial government of Zhejiang attached great importance to this event. Zhejiang would make sound planning for the organization of the Summit, strive to advance the preparations in all aspects, and lift the organization of the event to a new level.

WIC holds planning meeting on its 2023 major event

On April, the Secretariat of the World Internet Conference (WIC) held a planning meeting on the 2023 WIC Wuzhen Summit in Beijing. Representatives from WIC member companies, such as Intel, IBM, Tesla, Coca-Cola, Qualcomm, SAP, Nokia, and Lego (listed in no particular order), attended the meeting. Representatives discussed the theme, topics, and highlight activities of the Summit based on the latest trends in internet development and governance. The attendees said they would fully support and actively participate in various activities and work together to make this Summit a spectacular global internet event.

WIC submits proposals for Global Digital Compact to the UN

The World Internet Conference (WIC), along with 15 companies and institutions, submitted five proposals to the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, including digital connectivity, data protection, the governance of discrimination and misleading content, AI regulation and digital commons, under the framework of the Global Digital Compact (GDC). By gathering suggestions from relevant parties around the world and building consensus on global digital development, the GDC strives to establish a platform for a more open, safer and freer development of digitalization. The GDC will be deliberated at the ministerial meeting for the UN Summit of the Future in September 2023, and is expected to be agreed at the Summit of the Future in September 2024.

WIC members attend the first BDS/GNSS Global Partner Forum

The 13th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2022) was held in Beijing, China from April 26 to 28, 2023, to which WIC members such as IBM, China Arab TV, and Lenovo were invited. Under the theme of “Digital Economy, Intelligent Navigation”, the Annual Conference organized 22 academic exchanges and high-level forums, covering Achievement Expo and science popularization activities. During the Conference, representatives from WIC and its members attended the first BDS/GNSS Global Partner Forum and engaged in exchanges on industry applications, multilateral cooperation and international education of BDS. Six co-chairs of the Forum drafted, signed and released the Joint Initiative of BDS/GNSS Global Partners.


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