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Chairman Zhuang Rongwen attaches great importance to member affairs
Zhuang Rongwen, Chair of the Council of the WIC, attached great importance to the work of member affairs and provided many important instructions. He requested, firstly, to strengthen the institutional building of the Council, and continuously improve the draft Rules of Procedure of the Council and other institutional documents; secondly, to focus on members, explore innovative modes of communication and cooperation between members and the WIC and between and among members, and effectively improve the level of membership services; thirdly, to develop international and high-end members, further expand the membership, and build a “circle of friends” for global Internet; fourthly, to scientifically plan the theme of “Member Day Activities”, track the development dynamics and demands of members, and actively build a brand of member service mechanism.
Zhao Yide, Secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, met with Secretary-General Ren Xianliang
On February 20 and 21, Secretary General Ren Xianliang led a delegation to Xi'an, Shaanxi Province to meet with Zhao Yide, Secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee. Mr. Ren introduced the background and significance of establishing the WIC international organization, as well as the future considerations of the WIC in terms of organizing regular regional and thematic activities on a global scale. Secretary Zhao Yide warmly welcomed the WIC to organize international activities in Shaanxi, which would help promote the development of digital economy and serve high-quality development of Shaanxi. Shaanxi would strongly support the work of the WIC and facilitate the landing of relevant activities in Shaanxi.
Secretary General Ren Xianliang led a delegation to the Mobile World Congress and the Ministerial Programme 2023
Secretary General Ren Xianliang attended the Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC2023) in Barcelona, Spain, from February 27 to March 2 and delivered a speech on redefining disruptive innovations at the Ministerial Programme. During the event, Mr. Ren met with senior executives of WIC members, including Mr. John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd. and visited the booths of Qualcomm, Nokia and other member companies.
Symposium on Practice Cases of Jointly Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace held in Beijing
A symposium on Practice Cases of Jointly Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace was held in Beijing on Feb 8. WIC international organization invited nearly 30 representatives from organizations and institutions whose practice cases were presented at the release ceremony in 2022 to attend the symposium and hold in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to improve the influence of the event.
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Research symposium on proposal of Global Digital Compact held in Beijing
The Secretariat of the WIC held a research symposium on the proposal of the Global Digital Compact (GDC) on Mar 2, in Beijing. More than 30 experts from over 15 global leading internet enterprises and research institutions, including Alibaba, Tencent, Qualcomm and IBM, attended the symposium.
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Ren Xianliang presides over symposium on planning 2023 WIC Wuzhen Summit
In 2023, the WIC Wuzhen Summit will welcome its tenth year. To prepare for this summit, the WIC held an expert symposium on March 29 in Beijing. Ren Xianliang, the secretary-general of the WIC, presided over the symposium, inviting well-known experts and scholars among the WIC members, such as Wu Hequan, Louis Pouzin, Wu Jianping, Kilnam Chon, Sihan Bo Chen, Luigi Gambardella and Gao Xinmin to provide opinions and suggestions on the summit's theme, topics, and highlight activities.
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The world's first internet technology museum collecting exhibits
The World Internet Science and Technology Museum in Wuzhen, which is the permanent venue of the WIC, will open to the public this year. The museum will unveil the legendary history and development of the Internet, and showcase the forefront achievements and applications of internet technologies. In line with the concept of "Beauty of All Creatures, Coexistance in the World," the museum is now collecting exhibits from all sectors of society.
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